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Hemistim provides visual stimulation through utilizing color patterns and eye tracking that can be used for specific left or right visual exercise. The stimulus is recognized and  interpreted by the contralateral (opposite) occipital lobe. Pursuit and saccadic eye movements are created by targeting on the moving object. Pursuit away from and saccade towards the alternating squares are initiated by the ipsilateral (same side) parietal and frontal cortex, respectively.  This gives the doctor the ability to work the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes hemispherically. 

Hemistim can be used as a visual stimulation of areas of the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes hemispherically. It is a specific brain stimulation which is rarely used in conjunction with other treatments but can be used as a portion of a home-based program or an office-based program. Such usage may lead to improved hemispheric connectivity specific, targeted areas of the brain and its connections to the parietal/temporal or frontal cortices.


Swipe left or right to select a different colored pattern.  Multiple patterns are available.

Pinch/zoom the pattern to change the size of the squares.

Tap a pattern to make it begin blinking.  The pattern will blink until the timer stops it.

Double tapping the pattern will also make it stop.

The blink rate and timer can be changed using the sliders.

Target motion is controlled by the tapping the small target.  This brings up the Stimulation Options panel below.


HemiStim automatically tracks therapy sessions, recording all pertinent information about each one.  Maintain close communication between clinician and patient via email.


Drag the purple target to set the saccade distance and direction.

Switch between saccade, saccade+ pursuit, and pursuit by tapping the screen with two fingers.  A short dashed line indicates saccade, a long dashed line indicates pursuit+saccade, a solid line pursuit.

Use the slider to set the speed of the stimulus.

Tap the screen once to begin stimulation, double tap to stop. 

Stimulation Options

Target motion Options:  Static, Saccade, Pursuit+Saccade, Saccade+Pursuit, Pursuit

Motion Direction Options:  Vertical, Diagonal, Horizontal

Target Location Options:  Over the pattern, below the pattern.