EMDR Therapy Help

Swipe left or right to start an animation
Double tap to stop the animation
Select a Sound
View the Session Log
Select an Animation
Repetition Counter
Animation Speed & Volume
Activate  Tactile Pulser

The tactile pulsers should be plugged into the headphone jack of your iPhone or iPad and its Lightening connector should be connected to a flat screen TV via an HDMI adaptor and cable (otherwise you won’t hear any sound).  

Turn Vibration on in the Speed/Sound/Vibration panel. The amplitude of the vibration is set by the bottom slider.  You may have to move it all the way to right.  

Check the volume control buttons on your iOS device.  Using them, set the iOS device volume to maximum as well.  

Starting the animation starts the vibrations.  

You’ll see and hear the animation on the TV and feel the vibrations on the pulsers.  Without the TV you’ll see the animations on the iOS device and feel the vibrations but there won’t be any sound.

How to use tactile pulsers

HDMI Adaptor

Flat Screen TV

Tactile Pulsers

HDMI Adaptor, HDMI Cable, and Tactile Pulsers must be purchased separately.

We recommend TheraTappers made by

DNMS Institute, LLC, dnmsinstitute.com